How to renew your ham radio license online

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How to renew your ham radio license online.

You can renew your ham radio license online for free. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to renew your amateur radio license online.

1.Go to the FCC website

If you have not done so, register as a new user by clicking the “Register” button to register, Otherwise click the log in button to do the online filing.

2.Type-in your FCC Registration Number and password, then click submit.

3.Click on the license number you want to renew.

4.On the right hand portion of the page, click the renew link.

5.The next page displays the license information such as your callsign, expiration date, licensee name and address, your phone number and email.

6.Click continue.


7.The next page will ask you about FCC application fees, select NO, then click continue.

8.The next page displays licensee information. If you need to update your information, you can do it here.

9.Click continue.

10.The next page displays Summary Page. Review all the information you entered, if you need to change info, just click the edit button, otherwise click the “Continue to certify” button.

11.The last will ask you to sign and authorized by typing your name at the buttom and click submit application.

12.The last page displays the Confirmation page, stating that you successfully submitted your application.



You also have an option to print or save the application to pdf file by clicking the Print Application link.

By Rolly Lavapie



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